David Gapp Joins Kipsu!

Join us in welcoming David Gapp to our Customer Partnership Team! Prior to Kipsu, David studied Advertising at the University of Minnesota and just recently returned from teaching English in Brazil. David enjoys making wine, playing music, playing soccer, and traveling! We're so excited to have him a part of the Kipsu team and asked him to chat about his experience at Kipsu so far.

What drew you to Kipsu in contrast to other companies? 

There were a couple things. One of my good and trusted friends had been working at Kipsu and the way he talked about the company got me interested. He talked a lot about how much he was learning in so many different areas. After interviewing with people at different levels across the company, I had many transparent, genuine conversations that I hadn't necessarily had at other companies. After meeting and talking to the CEO, Chris Smith, I realized that leadership at the company was something really special, and that drew me to Kipsu all the more.

What were some things you noticed about the Kipsu team during your first week? 

People in all the different departments seemed to work together a lot. I thought it was pretty cool how the office is also just set up so that you have a variety of people in different areas working along side you.

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling in your work at Kipsu? 

I am looking forward to growing in marketing strategy and eventually soaking up more experiences in the sales department from the SRs down the road. Essentially I am looking forward to growing as a communicator for Kipsu.

What is your favorite Kipsu core value?

Going Beyond Together. This is just an important way to live life in all areas. "Going above and beyond" and thus being the best version of yourself can take so many different forms, but including the part "together" really hits the spot because we live in a world with other people. To truly be the best version of yourself, you must think how your actions affect others. You aren't just bettering yourself, you are bettering the world which should be the goal in my book.

If you could meet any person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

My Grandfather. He passed away when I was around 6 years old, so I never really knew him that well. He had been a P.O.W in a Japanese prison camp for 3 years during World War 2, and was awarded a purple heart for heroic acts. I am a WW2 history buff and had heard stories about him from my mom but always wanted to hear from Grandpa Frank in person.

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