Life Inside the Kipsu Rotation Program: Brianna

Every spring, Kipsu welcomes a new class of Analysts to our Entrepreneurial Leadership Rotation Program (ELRP). Analysts spend 12 months rotating between Kipsu's 3 core teams learning all aspects of our business. At the end of the program, Analysts are placed on a team permanently. The 2019 ELRP class just completed their first rotation, and we spoke with Brianna Anderson about her experience on the Customer Success Team.    

 Brianna in Kipsu's office


What drew you to Kipsu in the first place? 

I was drawn to Kipsu because I wanted to gain experience working at a startup. Once I was introduced to Kipsu, I quickly learned that this company works extremely hard, takes pride in their work, and holds their core values to a high priority. All of this is important to me and made Kipsu stand out amongst other companies. I knew this company would be a good fit for me because the environment at Kipsu matches my work ethic and goal-oriented personality. Also, i was excited to work here because I knew I would be a valuable team member here rather than just another employee. 

Which team were you on in this rotation? What type of projects did you undertake? 

I started my rotation on the Customer Success team working specifically with the Support team. So far in my rotation, I have truly began to learn the product inside and out by answering Level 1 support tickets via email, phone calls, and live chat. Most of the projects I take on are reactive based on the needs of our partners, but others include installing and fixing Kipsu + PMS connectors for our hospitality partners and various projects within SQL and Salesforce. 


What project or accomplishment are you most proud of from your first rotation? 

I have learned so much within my short time here at Kipsu. I am most proud of the moments where I am able to transition from shadowing another teammate to working independently. The first couple weeks on Level 1 support were intimidating, however once I started to think about all the things I have learned, I began to take more control of my work. I became more confident and was able to work without the help of others. I saw this with the Kipsu + PMS connector project as well. I went from watching the installation to organizing my own meetings with the customer. I had a great team to help train me and support me along the way! 

What did you find most challenging about this rotation?

The most challenging aspect of this rotation was the enormous amount of information I had to learn. The first week here felt like I spoke a completely different language than the rest of the team. With all of the information that I had to learn, I wasn't confident I was going to be able to "take off my training wheels." Turns out I was wrong. The team here is incredibly welcoming and is always lending a hand to help out in any way they can. I feel confident in my role and am actively looking for new ways to expand my knowledge and skills thanks to the confidence I have gained.  

What was your biggest takeaway from this rotation?

From this rotation, I have come to truly appreciate good customer service. At Kipsu, we treat our customers extremely well and that reflects in our customer service. I am proud to be part of that. In this role, I am always thinking about the kind of service I want to be provided from other companies and now have the control to provide the best service I can. You would be surprised how thankful people are to be given friendly and helpful customer service! 

Which team will you be with next and what are you most excited about?

For my next rotation, I will be transitioning to the Engineering team as a Product Analyst. I am excited for this rotation because it is going to be a great transition from directly hearing the customers issues and desires, to being able to implement features to meet the needs of our partners. I do not have an engineering background, so I am also excited to learn different skills that I would normally not have been exposed to.


What advice do you have to those considering applying for the ELRP?

For anyone that is not 110% sure what they want to do post-graduation, I think the ELRP is a great place to start. Personally, I did not have a direct path I wanted to head down after college. Kipsu and the ELRP was perfect for me to be able to build on my strengths while continuing to learn new skills and expand my education. Going into the "real world," I did not want to be stuck in a cubicle every day doing the same repetitive tasks. At Kipsu, I am constantly learning new things, discovering aspects of the job that I like and dislike, and gaining valuable experience along the way. I am very happy to be part of this program and this company. I highly recommend this program! 



















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