Ema Shiring

Emma Shiring Joins Kipsu!

Kipsu recently welcomed Emma Shiring to our Entrepreneurial Leadership Rotation Program! Prior to joining Kipsu, Emma studied Hospitality Management at Boston University and worked in the hospitality industry. Outside of work, you'll find them trying new recipes and baking their favorite desserts! Emma's favorite recipe to bake is Ina Garten's "Beatty's Chocolate Cake."  

What drew you to Kipsu in contrast to other companies?

Kipsu's product is what drew me here. As a former front desk agent, having Kipsu would have been a lifesaver! I knew this was the perfect fit for me during the interview process. I could tell everyone was really passionate about their work and want to make the best product possible for their customers. 

What were some things you noticed about the Kipsu team during your first week?

Even though most people are working from home, I had so many people offer to set up virtual coffee meetups to get to know each other. It really showed me that everyone here wants to welcome me to the team and get to know me, even if we can't meet in person right now. 

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling in your work at Kipsu?

I'm really looking forward to being in the Rotation Program and learning an entirely new job every few months. While it seems daunting, I know this will help me learn the company inside and out. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about the engineering team, since that's the most unfamiliar to me. 

What is your favorite Kipsu core value?

Definitely "Think Customer First." The team always thinks about what the customer wants and how we can better help them. As someone coming from the hospitality industry, this is extremely important to me. 

If you could meet any person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

I would share a meal with Ina Garten. She is my favorite celebrity chef and I have never made a recipe by her that I have not liked! I think she would also make an amazing dinner, so that's a plus. 

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