Four Ways Digital Messaging Enhances Your Job

As technology, robots, and AI creep further and further into the service world, is there a place where human service and technology can co-exist? Absolutely.

The service world has predicted for decades that technology will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the industry. In fact, many industry experts have worried that some emerging technologies will “take over” and eliminate the need (or at least most of the need) for humans in the workforce. However, as service technologies continue to advance, this prediction is growing stale. Many of the most successful technologies in the service space today not only allow agents to remain in their roles, but actually enhance and extend the service they provide. Take a look at how digital messaging can fall into this space between traditional, human-centered service and forward-thinking, innovative technology:

Reduces Front Desk Traffic

At the front desk, it may be hard to catch a break sometimes. Between the phone ringing off the hook and the line of guests getting longer, things can get hectic. By limiting the number of phone calls and transferring simple guest requests to text, your team will have less front desk traffic while meeting guest requests. Instead of having ten people lined up in front of you, you will have most of the requests and inquiries in text form instead. With this reduction of in-person traffic, the front desk has more time to complete other tasks and to respond to and aid guests with their requests.

Allows for More Time to Respond to Guests

While you are limiting the phone calls and walk-up traffic, you are still receiving text messages. However, the difference between a text message and phone call is that you have more time to respond to guests. Generally speaking, guests consider a response within 3 to 5 minutes of sending their text as quick service. However, the 3 to 5 minutes seems longer if they are on the phone and put on hold, and honestly, you can’t just look at someone in line for that length of time without answering their question or it will get awkward. Phone calls require more immediate response time and face-to-face interactions typically require a 3-second response time compared to an average 3-minute response time with text. With this additional time, you can conduct any necessary research for guests’ requests and provide thorough and thoughtful responses. Digital messaging is the easiest way to give yourself some wiggle room with response time while still upholding a high standard of customer service.

Ability to Prioritize Guests’ Requests

Not only are you able to have a larger window for response times, but you are also able to prioritize your guests’ requests. While all guest requests are important, some demand more immediate attention than others. If you are on the phone with a guest looking for a restaurant recommendation, you could have someone waiting in line to let you know their sink is leaking. If these requests had both come in via digital messaging, you would easily be able to prioritize the leaking sink ahead of dining requests and efficiently create an exceptional guest experience. Digital messaging gives you the power to determine and handle the most urgent guest requests, allowing you to systematically and effectively serve your guests.

More Casual Channel for Interaction

Let’s not forget that digital messaging adds in an element of fun that you may not otherwise have. Guest interaction through text gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine through when responding to guests. Due to the fact that you have more time to respond, and not as much front desk traffic, you can really dive deep into personalizing each message.

These are four of the biggest ways that digital messaging will enhance your job on a daily basis. Being able to text with your guests will ensure you have less traffic at the front desk and more time for responses. These two aspects alone will empower your role, making it more efficient and fun. The additional time will allow for more personalized responses to guests and will ensure urgent matters are addressed quickly! Overall, having digital messaging on your side will not be something you regret.

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