Hospitality Highlight: Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel

As one of the first hotels in the UK to use Kipsu, the Edinburgh Grosvenor takes great customer service to the next level through combining digital interactions with their already exceptional practices.

Located a quick walk to Edinburgh’s city centre and a central train station, the Edinburgh Grosvenor attracts a large array of guests. Its 185 rooms are always filled with a mix of business and leisure travelers taking advantage of the beautiful wedding venue, variety of conference rooms, delicious restaurant serving authentic Scottish cuisine, and its convenient location. As Kipsu becomes more ingrained in the Edinburgh Grosvenor staff’s daily routine, they have been able to extend their excellent guest service in a new way, accentuating the already exceptional features of the property.

Jan Coskun, Deputy General Manager and Kipsu pro, highlights one key benefit of Kipsu by being able to communicate with guests to learn about their preferences from the beginning of the guest’s interaction with the hotel. “We try and anticipate our guest’s needs by [messaging them] to ask special requests, etc. [and] try to establish early contact with the guest and form a relationship.”

“Kipsu has certainly had value in driving guest involvement as well as guest resolution.”Jan Coskun, Deputy General Manager

The Edinburgh Grosvenor’s team takes top-notch service to the next level. They do not simply meet the standard, but provide a holistic, personalized experience for guests. Kipsu assists in this by administering a comfortable space for guests to make requests and give feedback while at the hotel. According to Coskun, “Guests are more likely to tell us how they feel in response to [a text] rather than when we ask at the desk; therefore, it presents more opportunities for us to resolve issues while the guest is still in-house.” He goes on to explain that on the staff side, “The team likes the fact that they have more thinking time with a text rather than a phone call especially in terms of when a guest has an issue as they can add more quality to the response.”

Being able to capture this instant feedback allows for another channel in interacting with guests, providing an unforgettable experience. Coskun says, “Nowadays the trends show the change in guest profile in terms of moving towards digital interactions and certainly Kipsu ticks another box in offering a dynamic guest experience.”

“The staff have also seen that a lot of guests really enjoy this sort of interaction.”Jan Coskun, Deputy General Manager

The Edinburgh Grosvenor’s ability to provide a dynamic guest experience has left a lasting impression on guests, which guests have taken to TripAdvisor and brand survey scores. One guest remarked, “I also received regular texts to check we were satisfied, a nice touch.” Since implementing Kipsu, the Edinburgh Grosvenor has seen huge impacts on survey scores and online rankings. In fact, the property jumped from 3.48 to a 3.65 overall on TripAdvisor when comparing average scores before launching Kipsu and those after.

Being one of Kipsu’s inaugural teams in the UK, it is exciting to see how the Edinburgh Grosvenor capitalizes on digital guest interactions by providing a preferred channel for guests to communicate with staff members. The property believes it is an essential part in “offering a dynamic guest experience.” As a whole, the Edinburgh Grosvenor takes pride in their staff’s ability to embrace Kipsu, while taking part in the digital trends that are transforming the way the hospitality industry provides superior service.

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