Jon Harder Joins Kipsu!


Kipsu recently welcomed Jon Harder to our Engineering team. Prior to joining us, Jon came from a very small software company where he both developed and supported a product. We're excited to watch him apply his expertise in product development at Kipsu. When we flagged down Jon to chat about his experience at Kipsu so far, this is what he had to say.

What drew you to Kipsu in contrast to other companies?

What drew me to Kipsu was their openness and dogma free view on everything.

What were some things you noticed about the Kipsu engineering team during your first week?

Everyone is amazingly friendly. Like, absurdly friendly. Also, they treat challenges as learning experiences for everyone to be better (in a totally honest way).

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling in your work at Kipsu?

I am looking forward to solving interesting internationalization issues.

What is your favorite Kipsu core value?

My favorite core value is "Never Be Satisfied." I've never encountered a company that works so hard to improve how things work. There's this idea of always looking for better solutions that makes me excited to come to work.

Swim or Ski?

Definitely skiing. I grew up next to a ski hill and it's my favorite winter activity.

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