Jordan Yemma Joins Kipsu!


Jordan, a graduate of the Software Guild, recently joined Kipsu as a Software Engineer. Prior to hacking code, Jordan monitored network devices for US Bank. From our earliest conversations, we could tell Customer Service coursed through his veins - a critical Kipsuvian trait!

Beep beep goes the alarm clock. Another journey is going to start today- and much like other positions I've held in the past , I am anxiously curious about what my new position will bring.

The traffic was light on the way in and the weather was pleasant. Now, don't let my tone fool you- I was nervous. There were a lot of people to meet and adjustments to take place. Change is something that is inevitable and we do our best to point ourselves on a path that hopefully is the "right" choice. That being said , I had been preparing for my role for quite some time and my heart was full of anticipation.

You see - I had been most recently been working at a company that was very, very large. That environment was going to be a stark difference to the one I was walking into. I crept through the door of my new employer and it didn't take long before I was welcomed. "Hello! Nice to meet you!", said one co-worker after another followed by handshakes.

"Something was different here - and I could sense that the moment I walked in. "

Something was different here - and I could sense that the moment I walked in.
There was a palpable sense of joy and pride that filled the room. There were people collaborating everywhere I saw coupled with excitement on their faces.

As the day went on, my nervousness exponentially dwindled. It felt like I had returned home after a long trip and I was catching up with people I had known for years - a feeling I have never had in any of my previous positions. Before I knew it, I was getting involved with projects and being treated with the trust and respect you would expect of a veteran employee. I personally was able to see the effects culture had on productivity and how important it was to the well being of the individual.

This wasn't a job as many would see it, but a chance to be part of a working community.

This wasn't just a job as many would see it, but a chance to be a part of a working community. A community that has company core values that are prominent through every action they take. One that supports it's employees and inspires you to do excellent work.

By the end of my first week it was a little hard to digest what I was seeing. Through my years of work in my field, I never had seen anything quite like it. I told my friends and family about my experiences , and to them, it was "A breath of fresh air". For me, I just simply never knew my work could be like that.

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