Kipsuvians Minding Their Own Wellbeing

The focus on wellbeing and mindfulness is only increasing amongst all generations and regions as research continues to show the benefits of keeping personal health top of mind. In a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, they found 87% (of the hundreds of companies surveyed) said they were committed to the wellness of their employees. 73% offer some kind of wellness program and 16% provide financial incentives to encourage wellness. Wellness programs can consist of many variables including gym discounts, nutrition classes, onsite exercise facilities or classes, weight loss programs, wellness newsletter, lifestyle coaching and much more. With wellbeing initiatives growing in the workplace, Kipsu recently launched its first wellness group! The Kipsu wellness group is eagerly planning events and creating space to focus on health and mindfulness for the whole office.

To kick things off, Kipsu hosted a local psychologist to come in twice (so far) to facilitate conversations for the entire company on mental health and personal goal setting. After the session on mental health, Kipsuvians wanted to further the conversation by hosting their own session lead by fellow team members on their tips and tricks to living a mindful and healthy life. The response from Kipsuvians has been overwhelmingly positive that we now created a "wellness" slack channel where people can share articles, quotes, podcasts, and other resources on living a mindful, healthy life. The wellness group is excited to continue offering more events in the future on holistic wellness. 

"Wellness can positively affect all aspects of our lives which is why I'm excited that we started this group. Being happier in the office reflects being happier at home and vice versa so it's important that we make sure Kipsuvians are healthy in all parts of their being."

- Jaime Hasama, Wellbeing Group Chair

In conjunction with wellness initiatives, Kipsu continues to be committed to volunteering at local organizations and being active as a team through our soccer and kickball league. We are excited to offer so many more ways for Kipsuvians to get involved in the community, in the company, and within themselves through our wellness initiatives. If you have any suggestions on wellness initiatives or resources that you enjoy, please feel free to comment below! 

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