The Latest Trend in the Hotel Industry: Health and Wellness

When booking a hotel room, there are certain basic amenities most people expect will be available to them.  24-hour access to a gym or pool is not a surprise in most full-service hotels and is even starting to become standard at focused-service properties around the world. More recently, however, many hotels seem to be expanding beyond the standard gym and pool amenities.

Within the past decade or so, the U.S. has seen a shift in society’s perspective on health and well-being; Americans have become more environmentally focused and health-conscious.  You can see this in the increased demand for chemical- and hormone-free foods, vegan and gluten-free options, the increased popularity of aerial yoga and pole dancing for fitness, and the use of holistic healing methods with essential oils, acupuncture, cupping therapy, etc.

It is no surprise that the hotel industry has responded to this wellness trend accordingly. For years, upscale hotels have offered “health and wellness options” for guests (think spa services like massages and facials). But times are changing and these service just don’t cut it any longer. Beyond the these typical spa services, hotels now offer amenities such as paddleboard yoga classes, fitness apparel boutiques, and juice and oxygen bars to name a few.  Some of the trendier hotels offer more eccentric amenities such as aromatherapy, astrology readings and sound therapy.  The upscale Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, AZ offers one-on-one classes with an in-house nutritionist, paddleboard yoga, and “Zennis”- tennis classes that focus on body awareness and relaxation. These amenities are more commonly found in boutique hotels, but even larger hotels seem to be jumping on the bandwagon by offering more extravagant amenities.

The technology industry has also played a hand in the health and fitness game. Devices like Fitbit and smartphone apps that offer calorie tracking and or specific workouts are pushing people to stay fit event while they travel. Regardless, many travelers find it difficult to maintain their regular health and fitness routine while they are away from home. But now, with hotels regularly offering these wellness conveniences that consumers are used to having at home, guests will be able to maintain their fitness regimen and feel more at ease while they travel.

This wellness trend will only continue to grow in the hotel industry and it’s certainly very exciting for travelers to have so many options that cater to their individual needs and make their stay at a hotel more personal and memorable.

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