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Only Approved Texting and Digital Messaging Provider for Elevate

Human Service through Digital Channels

Engage guests natively on iOS devices.

Elevate service professionals to the center of the customer experience, transforming transactional interactions into fully-developed relationships, and ultimately making every step of the customer journey a "perfect 10".

Kipsu works with 1,500+ Hilton properties across all service levels.

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Capture Feedback Before Check-Out

Connecting via SMS is low-stakes and convenient, so guests are more comfortable speaking up about ways their experience could be made better, providing hotel staff with actionable feedback while guests are still on property. By unearthing and addressing previously unshared critiques, teams using Kipsu can turn around guest opinion before reviews land on SALT or TripAdvisor.

Average SALT Improvements by Hilton Teams Leveraging Kipsu:


Kipsu Impact on Hilton Hotels Service Experience

Overall experience across service levels

Kipsu impact on service for Hilton Hotels

Overall service across service levels

Kipsu impact on Hilton staff helpfulness

Helpfulness of staff across service levels

A conversation that's easy to start

When guests search for your property in Maps, Safari, or Search on iOS devices, they're shown an option to message with your property instead of calling. With Chat Suggest, guests are asked if they'd like to message your property any time they tap on your property's phone number. 

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Kipsu Omni Channel Approach

Meet guests where they are

Apple's Business Chat-powered by Kipsu-connects your customers to you through a new, richer digital messaging experience. Kipsu allows your customers to bypass national or global call centers and instead ask questions and make requests directly with your team.

Kipsu Interfaces with your Property Management System

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