Take the Hilton Honors App to the Next Level

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Kipsu works with 1,500+ Hilton properties across all service levels.


Build 1:1 relationships with your most loyal guests.

Kipsu is the only messaging provider that integrates with the Hilton Honors app. Guests can message with your team shortly before, during, and shortly after their stay. Guest details auto-populate in Kipsu, so you can immediately identify loyalty members who message your team.


Make contactless arrival a breeze

Guests can message with your team shortly before their stay begins, meaning you can seamlessly coordinate arrival details in an era of social distancing. Incoming diamond member requesting a room upgrade? Take care of the details with just a couple of messages.  


Messaging. At their fingertips.

Loyalty members already expect to manage all aspects of their stays from the Honors app. With Kipsu, your property unlocks a new "Message Hotel" tile so guests can easily connect with your team.  

Seamlessly integrate with OnQ and Honors

When a guest messages your team via the Honors app, all of their reservation details and notes are automatically imported from OnQ. Impress guests by your knowledge of their preferences and tastes based on their previous conversations and notes.  


Ready to elevate your guest experience with messaging?

We're excited to share Kipsu with you! Introductory conversations are typically 30-45 minutes long and dive into your current needs and challenges around customer communication, Kipsu's use cases, features, and business case. With Kipsu, your team will...

Boost efficiency

Move front desk calls and traffic to messaging, allowing your staff to better prioritize and delegate tasks. 

Catch feedback

Collect any comments, inquiries, or kudos while guests are still on property and address them as needed.

Increase guest satisfaction

Messaging gives guests an easy, low-stakes, way to voice questions and concerns before, during, and after their stay. 

Go mobile

Using Kipsu's mobile apps, team members can be notified of any respond to guest messages from anywhere.


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Kipsu is designed for Hilton properties. Learn more about Hilton's partnership with Kipsu.